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The Mission Is To Delegate. Real. Energy. And. Monetize Through The Advancement of All Your Own Abilities…

Our Mission

Is to open the mind to self-love, self-education, self-awareness, consistency, accountability, and discipline

How Do You Gather Your Information
  • Through edification and the process of life which is growing up
  • My own personal experiences and learning from others
  • Of course, my own personal research that varies from Scholar to Scholar

Becoming Vegan, My best decision by Dennis Jones Jr.

A book about the author's journey from its addiction to fast food, overweight and emotional losses he left behind to the realization of his relationship with the planet which inevitably led him to take the decision to avoid eating meat and becoming vegan. This decision not only brought him to a healthy ideal weight but opened his mind and heart to understand, finally, the universal connection all we have.

Master The Statistics For Good Increase Your Credit Score Fast And Easy

The author takes us to know the main strategies to increase and maintain an acceptable credit score. He also teaches us in a simple way that finances are not a two-headed monster, and we can manage them in an orderly way. You just need to have the will to learn the basic concepts he gives you in this book.

Do-It-Yourself Credit Restoration Course With Over 20 Templates!

Understand How Credit Repair Works and set your way to success (including how to get a credit report and what’s the important information in it)
✅ Go Through Practical Steps to Start Repairing Your Credit and get you closer to where you want to be (you will unlock valuable secrets of credit repair along with effective strategies)
✅ Learn Ways to Smartly Pay Debts and adjust your lifestyle to achieve financial freedom (small things done consistently lead to big results over time)
✅ Find Tips and Tricks For Scoring the 609 Letter with the all other necessary templates (depending on how well it went with the first one and how to proceed if you need to follow-up)
✅ Discover Everything You Need to Know to Rebuild Your Credit Score while being able to better monitor and protect your credit cards (easy and straight-forward steps)
✅ And Much More Helpful Info!

The Real Estate Guide To Wealth E-Book

Questions That Will Be Addressed:

✅ What Does Estate Mean?
✅ What is a Secured Interest?
✅ What is Real Property?
✅ What does Socioeconomic Status mean?
✅ What is a UCC 1 Financing Statement?
✅ What is a Trust Account?
✅ What is a Deed?
✅ What is the breakdown of Money?
✅ How Do I Make Money?

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